JSim Progress Report 1

Over the past week there have been a few important QOL changes to JSim. These should ultimately make it much easier for the host of a game to manage the board.

Saved Boards

There is a new client-only room, the Jeopardy Board Maker. It is has a Jeopardy board similar to the game room, but all entries on the board appear as text boxes and can be edited. This allows for much easier editing than through the normal game room. There is also a text box and text window at the bottom, along with a few buttons. The text box is for inputting the name of the board, and the buttons can either save the current board under that name, load the board of that name into the display, or delete the saved name of that board. There is also a button to list all of the currently stored boards.

The boards are stored in the browser’s local storage, so they do not persist from private windows. There is no way to edit the value of the questions yet, but it will likely not be done on a per-question bases; instead it will likely simply be an option for the board to use $100 or $200 increments.

Any boards created and saved through the Jeopardy Board Maker can be used in the normal Jeopardy game rooms. The host can completely replace the board with a saved on by using /board [board name]. This replaces all category names, and questions, and sets all questions to be unasked. This is much more convenient than using /q to set the questions individually, and allows games to be prepared in advance.

Room Browser Toggling

The room browser generally does not need to be visible, so having it be a permanent feature of the screen is a waste of space. It now exists as a sidebar that can be toggled, so once you are in a game room it can be hidden and the game can be focused on. There are toggle buttons both in the main display and on the browser, in case the browser covers the main one for some reason.

Asked Question Highlighting

The client now keeps track of which questions have been asked, and gives a unique background to questions that have already been asked. This is especially useful for hosts, as before there was no way to tell if a given question had aleady been asked aside from having a dummy account in the room that would only see the asked questions. Right now the background colour only applies to the question’s text (not the whole table cell), but this will be changed in the future.